Moving and Beach Days

As the weather heats up so do the candles. Trading sweaters, pumpkin spiced days and a winter wonderland for fun in the sun and strolls through sun filled gardens, I've been brightening up containers and doing a little flower picking. Fragrances of florals, beachy vibes, and fresh herbs linger as I pour one by one your (and my) new favorite collection.

My kitchen aka mad chandler lab is alive again and of course a mess, which by the way I did order a new apron (reveal coming soon!). Having recently moved from Virginia where I was born and raised and lived all my life I find myself in a new location completely different from home and where it's always hot...candles don't do well in the heat.

 Palm trees and beach breezes surround me... 

And so my candle containers must follow...I'm experimenting with bright hues and the discovery is quite fun really. You see, Virginia is in my veins. I've exchanged my beloved red maple for a palm tree (where are the coconuts btw? Don't they all have em?) Seems like it is always summer here even though the locals say otherwise. Fall doesn't really exist here does it? It's the season I draw the most inspiration from and now it's gone and so this very sad truth has forced me to open my eyes to the surrounding beauty which in fact is very beautiful. 

Ancient Seas, Salt of the Sea and Gardenia are all my latest creations. Along with Blood Orange, Morning Dew, White Sands, and Fresh Amber. An introduction to the new fresh scents. 






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